воскресенье, 3 декабря 2023 г.

I start a new class

 Humans are made of wantings. This idea is the core of yogic spirituality (see "icchā"). Desire is something that anticipates and creates humans thought. Our wishes are what strives us into sexual relations, dominance, good health, reproduction, creativity, knowledge and self-development. It seems like an easy task, but in reality – it's not.

We are filled with modern narratives on every issue, and we know what is good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong. We don't actualize these discourses as something alien to us. They blur our senses, and we lose our genuine perception of Self and its desires. The conscious self does not exist anymore. It is dissolved in narratives and motives that have nothing to do with us. 

Yoga is a teaching, that has declared a number of practices (as yearly as 3 century b.c.) that refresh our perception, help to realize (abhijñā) our genuine inner-wants, to form a meta-contextual supposition to confront, understand and actualize the roots of religious, political and other "mainstream" agenda, to be free, to rediscover our Self.

These practices are aimed to reach bodily, sensual, mental and transpersonal experience – all of which is needed to have a breakthrough in understanding the self and what drives it. Yoga consists of many practices, but all of them will make sense only in the case when the practitioner is acquainted with the esoterical knowledge of yoga, its mystical part. 

That is why I start a new class, which I called "Esoterics of Yoga". The course includes breathing, cognitive (meditating) and bodily practices, but the heart of the course lays in the esoteric part of its teaching. The language in the course will be English. More about me, my yogic, academic and Ukrainian background you can find on my personal page https://www.in.yoga/en/dmytro-danylov/ . To sign up, please visit https://forms.gle/SXKPbZWRjcZCRVhdA

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